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Line Seiki G10 Series Electronic Preset Counter

Line Seiki G10 Series Preset Counter

The G10 Series is a DIN 72 x 72 preset counter, Single or Dual level.  Display is a 4,5 or 6 digits LED display with a figure size of 14.22 x 7.8mm maximum.  LED is available in Red or Green color for easy visibility.  The G10 series is a very reliable preset counter which accepts Contact or Open Collector input signal and can count Add or Subtract or Quadrature (bidirectional) at count speeds upto 10kHz.  The counter has a built-in relay that will actuate once preset level is reached.  Preset values are set via the front panel digital switches.  The unit

Line Seiki G48 Series Electronic Preset Counter

Line Seiki G48 Series Preset Counter

The G48 Series is a DIN 48 x 48 electronic preset counter with a large LCD display with backlight.  The display is 6 digits dual layer display divided into Main display and Sub-display.  The main display has a 10.0 x 5.0 mm figure size showing the count value and the Sub-display shows the preset values.  Included in the display are Preset level indicators and Output indicators which can be toggled by a push of a button. 

Line Seiki MCF Series Electromagnetic Counter

Line Seiki MCF Series

Product Type: Totalizer

The MCF Series is 4 or 6 digits counter with a front push button reset.  It is an economical and compact size counter which is available in different mounting options - Panel, Base or Rear.  Digit size is 2.4 x 4.0 mm in White on Black printing.  Wide range of input voltages are available - AC100/110V, AC200/220V, DC12/24V (UL) and count speed upto 10Hz.  Special input voltages are also available upon request.  Connection via leadwire.  Selected UL and RoHS compliant.

Line Seiki LB Series Mechanical Revolution Counter

Line Seiki LB Series

Product Type: Revolution Counter

The LB Series is a small size revolution counter.  It comes in 4 or 5 digits and digit size is 4.4 x 2.8mm viewable in a wide display window.  The counter is right shaft - top going, 1 count / revolution of the input shaft, maximum count speed of 600 rpm.  The LB Series is base mounted and with a reset knob.  Non-reset type is available upon request.