Products: Movement & Inclination Sensors

di-soric Inclination Sensors

di-soric Inclination Sensor

di-soric inclination sensors measure changes in angles and output these measurements via analog outputs or programmable switch outputs. Typically, these sensors are used for measuring inclinations on construction machines and for levelling agricultural and commercial vehicles, as well as for tracking solar modules based on the sun position.

di-soric Movement Sensors

di-soric Movement Sensors

di-soric offers a new generation of high-quality movement sensors. This innovative product family opens up completely new  possibilities to detect and measure movements contactless. 

The optical movement sensor OBS 60…is a compact movement sensor for the detection of feed and rotating movements of different materials. Movements will be shown by a switching output. Optical movement sensors OBS 105/120... are movement sensors with incremental outputs for measuring speeds and lengths in x and y direction.