Products: IDEC Photo Sensors

IDEC SA1U Photoelectric Sensor

IDEC SA1U Photoelectric Sensor

When customers have an application requiring a sensor with reliable long distance sensing in unforgiving environments, look no further than the new heavy duty SA1U photoelectric sensors from IDEC! These high-quality photoelectric sensors are offered in four sensing modes: throughbeam, background suppression, diffuse and polarized retro reflective. Long distance sensing ranges as far as 50 meters with through-beam models and as close as 1 meter with diffuse models.

IDEC SA1E-X Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

IDEC SA1E-X Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

Joining the popular and cost-effective miniature SA1E family of photoelectric sensors from IDEC, we now introduce SA1E-X models with advanced optic function for transparent or translucent object detection. These models were designed for accurate and reliable detection while offering an optimum response speed of 500µs, one of the fastest on the market.

IDEC SA1E Miniature Photoelectric Sensor

IDEC SA1E Photoelectric Sensor

Ensuring the accurate recognition of target objects is critical for many control systems. Reliable object recognition means fewer false alarms, increased productivity and less product rejection. When selecting sensors for your applications, the most important criteria to consider are: reliability, durability and ruggedness.

IDEC SA1J/SA1J-F Colour Recognition Sensor

EC SA1J/SA1J-F Colour Recognition Sensor

The SA1J series of sensors are a proven leader among inexpensive color recognition sensors. With a high response speed of 0.3msec and superb color discriminating electronics, the SA1J full color sensor is the perfect solution to almost any color detection application.

This full color sensor is simple to program. You literally just touch a button and your target reference color is programmed. With the SA1J's small visible beam spot, this sensor is easy to align in complex applications.

IDEC MX1C Laser Distance and Displacement Sensor

IDEC MX1C Distance and Displacement Sensor

The MX1C is a self contained laser displacement sensor. Featuring a small size and high resolution of 50 microns (0.002"), the MX1C is perfect for small mounting areas with delicate applications. The MX1C is easy to align with its visible Red laser.The MX1C offers a 4-20mA analog output, and, a discrete transistor output for displacement determination.

IDEC MX1A/MX1B Laser Distance and Displacement Sensors


The MX1A and MX1B laser displacement sensors feature high precision laser beams which can detect infinitesimal displacements of up to 0.0004" (10 microns). These laser sensors provide extremely accurate results with a linear relationship between analog output and detected distance. For example, they can detect objects with very low surface reflection characteristics, such as black rubber.