Dynapar Series H20 Heavy Duty Incremental Encoders

Overview / Design Principle: Encoder models with resolutions of 1024 or less are equipped with an unbreakable code disk that meets the demands of the most severe shock and vibration generating processes; use of long life bearings keep tough loads from disrupting internal alignment, avoiding failure due to the disk "crashes" so typical in competitive encoders. Protection against installation problems such as wiring errors prevents the encoder from damage, while immunity to electrical noise keeps the encoder signals intact. A NEMA4 / IP66 sealing option protects against damage from contamination.

Packaged in the industry standard 2.0" enclosure, the Series H20 heavy duty encoders offer a variety of mechanical options: servo or face mounting, 1/4" or 3/8" shafts, and several types of pilots. Electrical options include: resolutions from 1 to 2540 pulses/revolution; unidirectional or bidirectional operation with optional index; single ended open collector or push-pull outputs, or differential line drivers; and connector or cable exit terminations.

The Series H20 encoder utilizes the latest technology optical emitters and sensors, surface mount assembly and precisely fabricated metal components to deliver high reliability and performance in a compact and economical package.


Quick Specs...

Ultra-reliable design using long-life bearing

Unbreakable code disk available

Complete electrical protection and noise immunity tested to EN5002-2

Available with environmental sealing to NEMA4 / IP66

Features and Benefits:

Mechanical / Environmental Features

  • Unbreakable, code disk and long life bearings
  • Extended temperature range option
  • Industry Standard, Size 20 Form Factor
  • NEMA4 / IP66 washdown rating option

Electrical Features

  • Noise Immune to ESD, RFI and electrical transients
  • High current outputs
  • Over-Voltage protection
  • Reverse Voltage protection
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection



The Dynapar brand Series H20 is a rugged, reliable and economical encoder for industrial motion applications.