IDEC HS5E Miniature Solenoid Safety Door Interlocking Switches

Compact locking safety switch (35x40x146mm) Available in 8 different logical circuits with 1 main contact & 2 monitor contacts.

The HS5E series safety interlock switch provides a cost effective solenoid door interlock in a compact housing. A total of 8 circuit configurations for both spring and solenoid lock types can be found with standard 3 meter cable. Along with a highly versatile metal head that rotates to allow 8 different actuation entry points and 6 different actuator keys, the HS5E can be used to meet any of your safety applications.

Spring Lock Type
Automatically locks the actuator without power to the solenoid. Unlocking is accomplished by energizing the solenoid, providing a high level of safety. Manual unlocking is possible in the event of power failure or maintenance.

Solenoid Lock Type
The actuator is locked only when actuator is in place and is solenoid energized. The actuator is unlocked when de-energized.

Key Features:

  • World’s smallest 4 contact solenoid interlock switch. (35 x 40 x 146 mm)
  • Flexible installation - the head can rotate, allowing 8 different actuator entries
  • Metal actuator entry slot ensures long life
  • Standard 3m cable (1m and 5m cable available on request)
  • Only proprietary actuators can be used, preventing unauthorized access (ISO14119, EN1088)
  • 1000N min actuator locking strength (GS-ET-19)
  • LED pilot light indicates the solenoid status
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • NC contacts are direct opening (IEC/EN60947-5-1)
  • IP67 (IEC60529)