IDEC Intrinsically Safe Explosion- Proof EB3C Relay Barrier

Intrinsic Safety Barriers is an essential component of an intrinsically safe application. These devices limit current, voltage, & total energy delivered to a sensor or any other actuator instrument located in a hazardous area. When used in areas with hazardous chemicals, gases or other ignitable atmospheres, limiting the energy is required to prevent any possible fires & explosions from occurring.

The EB3C series provides a cost effective Intrinsic Safety Barriers alternative. Available in 100-240VAC or 24VDC and with from 1 to 16 channels, EB3C series has many options to meet your application.

Key Features

  • IEC60079 compliant
  • Dry-contact switches with 0.5Ω maximum contact resistance can be connected to the EB3C.
  • 8- and 16-circuit types are available in common wiring types, ideal for connection to PLCs.
  • Universal AC power voltage (100 to 240V AC)
  • No grounding required.
  • IDEC’s original spring-up terminals minimizes wiring time.
  • Installation: 35-mm-wide DIN rail mounting or direct panel mounting
  • Global usage USA: FM Canada: CSA Europe: CE marking, ATEX