Line Seiki Battery Powered Totalizer used in Turnstiles in many 2010 South African World Cup Stadiums

In 2010 Fox Controls supplied Line Seiki Battery Powered Totalizers used in Turnstiles in many South African World Cup Stadiums.


The GC2 Series is a self-powered LCD Totalizer.  It is powered by a replaceable lithium battery that lasts approximately 7 years which makes it ideal for applications where external power is not available.  The GC2 series is available in 6 or 8 digit models with Front Reset or Remote reset options.  Digit sizes for 6 & 8 digtis are 10.6 x 4.8mm and 10.6 x 3.8mm, respectively.  Input signal includes dry contact, open collector, voltage, wide range voltage at maximum count speed upto 30Hz, which makes it a very reliable replacement counter.  Panel size is a DIN 54 x 29 mm with panel cut-out size of 50.0 x 25.0mm.  The front panel protection is IP54 and wiring connection is easily done via the terminal block connector.  CE, UL and RoHS compliant.


Product Applications:

  • Metal Stamping Machines:

    Machine usage monitoring by counting the units produced is necessary to maximize investment and profitablity.
    Metal stamping machines demands high resistance in shock and vibration. 

  • Printing Process/Machines:

     When you need to check print quality without stopping the machine, you will need the perfect tool.  Likewise, speed monitoring and piece/batch print counter is necessary.